Cornelis Hollander – Custom Jewelry, Yoga and a Lotus

Cornelis Hollander, the Scottsdale designer jeweler, has created a yoga-inspired line in collaboration with well-known teacher, Harmony ( “It’s selling well, and I’m in great shape, too!” he says with a big smile.

Respected throughout the world, Cornelis Hollander Design is a full-service jewelry design company at 4151 N. Marshall Way in downtown Scottsdale.

Yoga entered his life as a result of his love for motorcycles and cars, which, he says, share with custom jewelry the characteristics of beauty and sleek style.

His prized car is a low-slung 2007 Lotus Exige: “I have always been intrigued by the stunning design of the Lotus, the lines and the shapes and the fact that it drives like a go-kart,” he says.

However: “I had to start taking yoga classes in order to become more flexible to be able to get in and out of the small car,” he notes with a laugh. “That has resulted in starting the collection of yoga designs — so everything works out for the better as one thing leads to another.”

His customers often bring him heirloom gemstones or diamonds or old jewelry to upgrade to a modern designer look, allowing them to maintain the sentiment of the piece while being fashionable.

Regardless of the provenance of the stone, all of the designs are manufactured at the Scottsdale studio, Cornelis says. “Working under my guidance, our craftsmen produce the finest quality jewelry anywhere.”

Today, much is accomplished with high tech at Cornelis Hollander Design. “We use CAD designing on most of the new pieces and use a laser welder for most items as well,” he says. In this way, clients can see their dream piece digitally before it’s created: “Our people can see their design in three-dimensional format to make sure it’s exactly what they want.” 

Born in the Netherlands, Hollander studied art and jewelry design at the Vrije Academie in Den Haag. Following school, he apprenticed for two years in Hatton Gardens, London’s renowned jewelry district.

He then went to Johannesburg, South Africa, the world’s diamond and gold capital; here he opened his own studio and started designing jewelry. “When I was living and traveling in Africa, my imagination and creativity bloomed.” After settling in the United States in 1979, he opened his Scottsdale company in 1984.

This old-world training and experience, combined with state-of-the-art innovations, make Hollander a designer of distinction, creating quality products that are not trendy but long lasting.

Hollander is one of the most award-winning jewelry designers in the United States, and his passion is for beauty and excellence. For years, his vision has ensured his clients a future filled with elegant wearable art in motion.

“Custom jewelry is fascinating to me because I get to interact with the customer, and if we connect, we really can create a beautiful family heirloom.”

For more information on Cornelis Hollander Design, call 480.423.5000, 800.677.6821, or see