Lusso Fine Motorcars A Haven Where Each Car is Placed on a Pedestal

In the book of truths, the achievement of pure luxury is attainable when one owns a fine motorcar. Just ask John Dorsey, founder of Lusso Fine Motorcars in Scottsdale whose company motto is: “Because the road less traveled leads to remarkable treasure.”

Starting from the fact that they are only open by appointment sets the downbeat for not just bumpin’ down to see his facility. And by the way, Dorsey’s future intention is to quadruple the size of the company in order to fully showcase the ultra high-end vehicles he intends to consign, store and service. A Phoenix native, Dorsey’s name goes a long way on the trust scale as he explained to me. Introduced last year, Lusso’s consignment concierge service recognized that every car tells a personal story and each owner’s history is equally as important. Letting go of your “baby” and trusting someone to curate your fine driving instrument, is what the passionate pursuit of fine motorcars is all about; at Lusso a vehicle is… “Rolling artwork with individual uniqueness and character.”

Dealing with the kind of motorcars that Dorsey has in his inventory is a thrill to be sure, such as the more than gorgeous 1 owner car, a 2008 rare white Ferrari 430 Scuderia – only two in the country – with only 7,030 miles and the prancing horse logo shining brilliantly on a yellow background whinnying its racing pedigree. This Scuderia shares the same coupe shape as the regular F430, but the detailing is more square-cut, more aerodynamically efficient and ready for business. Called the “Scud” for short, it sits low and rides on 10 spoke wheels giving it that tough-guy stance. The interior two-seat style is all about scaling down weight to give it that expected superb handling balance – making it more of a racecar than a luxury cabin. Reving up to 8,500 rpm is this exotic sportster’s claim to fame. “The demands of mass production are contrary to my temperament,” said Enzo Ferrari once, and that philosophy is exemplified in this eponymous Scud.

Waiting patiently for another love affair between it and a driver is this stunning 2006 rare Mexican Blue Porsche 911 Carrera S – VF510 Supercharged 500hp. vehicle with 26,000 original miles. It is said that the name “Carrera” and the Mexican Blue color refer to the original La Carrera Panamericana races that were held in Mexico from 1950 to 1954 becoming one of the most famous events in auto racing history, attracting the world’s greatest drivers. Porsche racing history was made there and this Carrera continues the must-have prestige and performance.

And then there is this to shower affection on and is another favorite of ours: a 2012 Porsche 911 Turbo S with 15,150 original miles on her in rare fancy aqua blue metallic, including the black and blue titanium full leather interior combinations. This car has never been tracked, always garaged, and has never had paint work. A factory installed Turbo Aero Kit, 5 lug wheels and a Porsche factory car cover rounds out this beauty.

Dorsey told us that, “the biggest difference between my company and some others is the relentless pursuit of fine cars that have exclusivity and history. Out of a given 35 cars, we maybe take one.” It is clear that the acquisitions have to match the brand of quality and provenance that Lusso’s was founded on. Not only are there consignments and inventory options available, there are also three levels of detail servicing offered.

There is so much more to see at Lusso’s where each car is revered for its character, its history, and its performance in a world of classics. Should you want concierge service, maximum luxury, and a powerful classic motorcar visit Lusso Fine Motorcars soon.

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