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First Saturday Motorsports Gathering

November 5, 2016 @ 7:00 am

Join us each month on the first Saturday from 7:00 – 10:00 am at Gainey Village for a gathering of some of the most amazing cars in the world!
Rules and Tips for Mutual Fun and Enjoyment
Wow! We’ve really grown over the years but the event has gotten so big we need to post some rules. People have been great, but there are a few things that everyone should know in order for things to go smoothly

First – a guiding philosophy statement:
We love all cars, but we have a particular passion for European exotics. The monthly Motorsports Gathering is a reflection of that. The focus and center of the event is about European exotics. Other cars (muscle, rods, motorcycles, etc.) are welcome too, as long as we have room. There are multiple venues around town that focus on those other classes and make them the center of attention. We tried to make the event bigger and create designated spots for different car types, but because people felt their car was not in a “special area”, they were being discriminated against. We’re just trying to have fun, it’s an all volunteer event, and it wasn’t worth the headache. We’ll try it again some day but for now we’re blocking the European exotic area and anything else is open.

Now some rules:
•This is a private and permitted event. We work with the property owners, business owners, and Scottsdale Police Department. It’s not a free-for-all or first-come-first-serve event. Every month we have people that want to argue about this. Get a life, it’s a car show.

•If you’re showing a car, you need to enter the center drive from Scottsdale Road.

•If parking spaces are full and you are allowed to park in the center of an aisle, you need to stay within site of your car. You’ll be blocking other cars so you need to be able to move. We had an issue where a doctor was blocked in and he received a call and couldn’t leave. Please be respectful of this requirement.

•No racing or burnouts entering or exiting the event. There are plenty of action photographers standing out on the corner, but don’t do it or you’ll be the one signing autographs for Scottsdale’s finest. We’re thinking about posting a wall of shame so there’ll be pics and videos of you getting that ticket or looking immature racing down the street.

•No commercial activity. No signs or ads on your vehicle or you’ll be asked to leave. No booths or stands promoting your business. This is a requirement by the property management.

•Respect others’ property. No touching or opening cars that don’t belong to you. Our parents taught most of us that when we were kids. This means no leaning on cars for photos either. This stuff doesn’t happen all that often, but we do have to say it a few times each season and it’s no fun to have other participants yell at you, and they will sometimes.

•No loud revving of your motor…there are businesses around that are nice enough to allow us to put on this event. Let’s not piss them off.

•There are businesses open during the event, be respectful of their parking needs. If this turns into a problem we won’t be welcome.

•We have a few people providing parking directions. Please roll your windows down when you arrive and listen to the directions.

•If you’re coming with a large group of specific types of cars, please let us know ahead of time so we can make the room to park you together.

•It’s a rain or shine event…we don’t cancel or reschedule. If it rains in January, use your umbrella. If it rains in June, join us for a big group dance!

Car Classifications
Here’s a rough attempt to try and categorize some cars. If you show up in a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO or a 1984 288 GTO, David will go get coffee for you, provide you a chair, and fan you with palm fronds. We’ll fine tune this over time, and as space permits we’ll definitely be more lax, but early in the morning when space is at a premium, this is how we’ll try to operate:
European Exotics: Lamborghini’s new and old, Ferrari’s new and old, vintage Jaguar, vintage Mercedes-Benz, McLarens, Austin-Healey, Bugatti, Lancia, Lotus, Maserati

Notice on a few models we say vintage. Although your new S-series Benz is sweet, it’s probably not exotic enough to warrant showing in our limited space, especially in this part of town. Your recent model SLK is not exotic. But, if you bring the SLS AMG by we’ll most likely show you a spot. We could probably fill the entire shopping center with Porsche 911’s so if it’s something rare and unusual like a 918 Spyder, we’ll show you a spot. If not, the Porsche guys congregate together on the north end of the lot.

If we’re near full and are trying to save for something exotic , don’t get pissed and raise a big stink! There’s plenty of space in the Open Parking areas. Pick a spot and have your buds join you there.

Gainey Village
8787 North Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85253


November 5, 2016
7:00 am
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