Jacqueline Nerguizian Fine Jewelry —

Jacqueline Nerguizian crafts jewelry that makes all occasions shimmer.

“I strive to create an artful blend of classic beauty and unexpected edginess and find inspiration in the challenge of updating old designs, while also adhering to the strictest standards of quality,” says Jacqueline, a Los Angeles native who followed her husband Brent to Scottsdale five years ago. “I love the heat!”

From her California studio, she produces custom necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants as well as unique items such as a recent pair of diamond heels, with 400-plus diamonds, close to 35 carats, valued at $150,000.

Her pieces are available at Isaac Jewelers in Kierland Commons in north Phoenix/Scottsdale. She notes that the company is outfitting a warehouse in Scottsdale so that she and her associates can produce all Jacqueline Nerguizian items locally.

“I have a small army of mostly Scorpios around the office — draw your own conclusions — who handle everything from technical support to facilitating local photo shoots for jewelry promotion, to flying pieces last-minute to Los Angeles to be worn on the red carpet by a celebrity that night,” Jacqueline says. “It’s a motley crew of crackerjack pros!”

Known in the industry as the “Jeweler to the Rock Stars,” she has accessorized many Hollywood notables such as, most recently, fashion designer Kristy Michaels with her 10-kt engagement ring.

Always drawn toward innovation, she is “driven by restless imagination” to design often audacious, edgy fine jewelry.

For instance, her new line of engagement rings, Conviction, which she debuted in November, features black diamond center stones set with black and white diamonds. “They’re nontraditional and hip, yet have a timeless appeal and are much more financially accessible than the traditional white diamond engagement ring,” she says. “They’re substantial showpieces with a black-and- white theme which has never been done. Putting an innovative twist on tradition sets me apart.”

All Nerguizian designs are custom with the highest attention to detail; she uses only 18-kt white or yellow gold and travels worldwide to source her stones in Belgium, Israel and India and other countries. “I use only conflict-free diamonds,” she says. “Unless I approve, my name is not stamped on it.”

Great jewelry, like collectible cars, have character, she explains. “They reflect the sensibility of the wearer and those who gift them. This blend of craftsmanship and customization is the cornerstone of both fine jewelry and fine automobiles.”

Born and raised in Hollywood, Jacqueline worked for 20 years with her father at L.A.’s famed Jewelry Mart. She began designing jewelry when she was 9, finished her first piece at 12 and later graduated as a certified gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

The mother of five — Joey, Bella, Gabby, Dominique and Carrera — she is also a committed philanthropist who donates her skills to serve charitable causes, such as, most recently, a pink sapphire-and-diamond key to a raffle held by Key to the Cure.

“Aside from being a third-generation jeweler, I feel the design process is innate in me,” she says. “I am like a musician who hears a melody and cannot help but play it. I am constantly finding inspiration all around me. Designs just come to me, even late at night. I keep a notepad by my bed — although it seems like I spend more time sketching than sleeping!”

For more information, see www.jnjewels.com, or call 480.595.0452 or 877.595.0452.