Parnian Furniture Opens Store at Scottsdale Fashion Square

The recently opened Parnian Furniture at Scottsdale Fashion Square is two stores. The 9,000-plus-square-foot space occupies the former Pottery Barn space.

Opened Sept. 1, the first of the two adjacent stores is Parnian Furniture, featuring the family’s world-famous custom case goods and more than 60 leading European and other furniture and accessory lines in ultra-modern, soft-contemporary and transitional styles. 

The second store is the Parnian family’s new Phoenix Contemporary Furniture, with quality modern and contemporary furniture and accessories at prices more affordable for most buyers.

Both stores continue the Parnian tradition of excellence, which began in 1977 when Abdolhay and Parvaneh, two recently married architects, opened the company’s first Valley store, a 1,000-square-foot cabinet shop in a Tempe industrial facility.

The custom Parnian pieces — including “The World’s Most Expensive Bed” and “the World’s Most Expensive Desk” — are handmade in a 28,000-square-foot north Phoenix studio and sold in the flagship 15,000-square-foot Parnian Furniture showroom on Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard in the Scottsdale Airpark. Designed by Abdolhay, these high-end furniture creations will now also be available at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

“We are one of the few companies actually manufacturing luxury goods in the USA and exporting them to other countries,” says Ali Parnian, the founders’ son who joined the company in 1999. His sister, Leila, became a member of the business in 2007.

“The clients we have in the USA are typically people who have very high standards for quality and design and want uniquely designed furniture that reflects their personal need or styles,” he adds. “They will typically meet with my dad and describe their needs, and he will come up with a design that will exceed their expectations.”

One of these designs, the “Sunset Bed,” was a multiple award winner in 2011 in the Custom Woodworking Business Design Portfolio Awards for Furniture Design; its 78 meticulously inlaid wood segments are the focal point of the “World’s Most Expensive Bed.”

“In the custom Parnian Collection, we are very strong in custom executive desks and boardroom and dining tables for office and home,” Ali says. “We do a great custom table business and we have begun to do some amazing custom kitchens.”

The Parnians also carry Savoir Beds, a 100-year-old brand of mattress/bed imported from London which has been purchased by Oprah Winfrey, Elton John, Madonna, the Rothschild family and other elite clients, from $8,000 to $70,000.

In addition, the company also sells a $50,000 sectional sofa from DeSede, the world’s top leather company. And, Parnian also offers interior design services in which the furnishings can price out at more than $1 million.

The new store, however, will service a wider market than the Parnian family recognized in the past 34 years. “We noticed after the housing market crash, a lot of people who stopped in our store were looking for quality furniture and accessories but not necessarily at the prices of our custom lines,” Ali says.

Many of these people were investors and Canadian visitors who wanted to furnish and accessorize their second and third homes here but didn’t want to spend more than $8–$10,000 to furnish a two-bed, two-bath condo.

At any price, the Parnian name means the best to buyers throughout the world: “The products we make are produced for the long term, as art, to be handed down to future generations,” Ali says. “We pay attention to every detail and use only the finest materials and best techniques and employ the finest craftsmen to ensure the furniture will last for many years.

“More than half of our business is special-order merchandise or custom-designed orders. Our customers want what they want and are not willing to settle on quality or design. We have been fulfilling this level of expectation for more than three decades.”

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