Studio Motors: New-Age Car Shopping

Buying or leasing a new car in the near future?

Call David Gurulyan and his associates at Studio Motors in Studio City, California.

“We can help you avoid losing time and patience being hassled in a brand-specific dealership by high-pressure sales staff, often as long as four hours, and paying high commissions and dealer mark-ups,” Gurulyan says.

“That’s for them. This business is for you,” says Gurulyan, an auto enthusiast who was dissatisfied with the traditional dealership approach because of its high prices and high inconvenience.

As a result, his Studio Motors auto brokerage makes it easy for you to acquire exactly the car you want at the price you want, rather than the car they want to sell you at their price. All makes available in the United States, Toyota to Audi to Lamborghini, can be purchased or leased, with all of the options or none. Studio Motors is DMV licensed and 100 percent independent.

Why Studio Motors?

You make the decisions, with the assistance of Studio Motors experienced, knowledgeable and impartial staff. You get no hassle, no pressure, no stress because Studio Motors is not brand biased.

For one, you save time. “When you are able to shop every make of vehicle available in the U.S. through one Studio Motors auto advisor, it really cuts down on driving from dealer to dealer, establishing a relationship, finding the car you want, running your credit and trying to negotiate a good deal if at all possible.” Gurulyan says. “Imagine one phone call can get you detailed information and the exact pricing on any new car on the market.”

You save money, too. “We shop all the reputable sources to get the lowest prices possible. We get vehicles at wholesale prices and sell them to the public with minimum markup due to our low overhead and unique business model. In addition, our industry relationships and the volume we sell help us negotiate very aggressive deals for our clients.”

In addition, Studio Motors delivers the vehicle to you, home or office. “Once you’ve picked the perfect car and the best deal has been negotiated, we can deliver the vehicle to your home or office with all paperwork ready to go,” he says. “There is no waiting around, negotiating or getting hassled in a finance office.” This can also be done for Arizona clients, although delivery may take a little longer.

You receive concierge service from experienced inhouse brokers who have worked at reputable dealerships such as The Auto Gallery and Rusnak. “We use three words to summarize our service,” Gurulyan says. First, Locate –– the exact car the client needs; then, Negotiate –– the best deal possible; and, finally, Deliver –– to the client’s home or office.”

This means an honest, easy and informative shopping experience. “If a client comes to us for a Mercedes-Benz E350 sedan, we will also pull comparable vehicles and price them out so they see what else is in the market within that segment,” Gurulyan says.

“We cater to celebrities, athletes, business professionals and the public in California. We are not a dealership and do not house any inventory,” he says. “This is a major advantage in keeping our costs low –– and passing the savings to our clients.”

Studio Motors,, or 844.LA.LEASE