Visionary Outdoor Decor

The owners, the Salari brothers, Sy and Hamid, opened the doors to Couture Customs just a few months ago and are already skyrocketing into the rarified atmosphere of a unique design business…

No more superlative word can be conjured up for one-of-a-kind outdoor furnishings than to say transcendent; and the passion with which Sy Salari spoke about the lines that were previewed to some of the designers and builders who were invited to their opening event spoke volumes as well. Without exception, Couture Customs has been received with overwhelming enthusiasm.

Sy Salari told us that, “We are thrilled with the reception we have been given, not only from our builders and designer friends, but from our customers. Our innovative design comes from clean lines and a contemporary look that reaches across the Traditional, Mediterranean, and European vibe and looks.” And indeed the décor is truly custom. Explaining that outdoor furniture has generally been limited to standard, uninspiring, and rather boring established designs, “What we want to do is use our creativity to bring the unique interiors that are available and match them to a bespoke exterior environment as well.”

The history of design innovation for the Salaris’ comes from having designed and built everything from custom exotic cars, to furniture, and custom homes. Couture Customs uniqueness is that they are able to customize any requests by the client for outdoor designs that complement their indoor luxury, thus giving a seamless and supremely elegant feel to both spaces. The designing is done in-house and by hand, sketching the idea initially in rough form, then a CAD designer takes the vision and turns it into a three dimensional piece of opulence. “This creation is then taken to our craftsmen and women. A group of extremely talented artists in their own right, with a combined 100 years of experience, who set to work to make the dream a reality,” explained Salaris.

Customers are also able to visit their showroom and select from an array of already designed and built floor models, or can arrange for a visit by the company to peruse the area and design a piece, or a complete set of furnishings to suit the style and space needs of the individual. As to the materials, only the highest quality available is used in the making of any of the pieces; from 200-year old central Mexican Parota wood, to wood from the Teak family, called Cumaru – one of the top five hardest and densest of woods – all low maintenance and extremely weatherproof lumber. The metals are heavy duty and powder coated for attractiveness and to prevent damage from the elements. A full variety of granite and onyx stones complement the furniture designs, while lightweight and durable fiberglass is used to accessorize such items as containers for large plants. Top of the line Sunbrella fabric is used for the ultimate in shade purposes.

Long lasting furniture and accessories that don’t relinquishing style, ingenuity, and craftsmanship is the goal that has been achieved by this exciting new entry into the luxury outdoor furnishings market. The grand opening of Couture Customs will be coming in the Fall of 2015. Customers will also be able to find a variety of new imported lines from Europe and Asia. Truly, fine craftsmanship and the “art of outdoor living” has come to Arizona.

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